Mohican Hat Blue & White

Art.No.: MO00012

Pitico proudly presents the high quality fair trade mohican hat which originated in our Mexican community project. Attention assured!

Handmade Mohican Hat

    * Unisex
    * One Size Fits All
    * 100% Handmade
    * Fair Trade Compliant
    * 80% Real Wool
    * 20% Polyester
    * 3 Knitted Layers for Optimum Warmth and Comfort
    * Built-In Inner Layer

Every mohawk hat from pitico® has been handmade and designed to the highest quality. They boast a distinctive heritage. Every item originates from a small mountain village in Mexico where the local inhabitants are keen to showcase their skills as craftsmen, learned throughout many generations, skills which today are world renowned and easily identifiable.

Our goal at pitico® is to provide the highest quality handcrafted mohawk hat to every taste and in every design whilst supporting the local community at place of origin. Through this, we can help preserve the rich cultural identity of the craftsmen whilst securing employment for their villages for years to come.

The production process of the mohawk hat is completely 100% natural. All weaving and colouring is done by hand. No electricity is used throughout the whole process, ensuring no carbon footprint and protection of the local environment.

Together with the designers and weavers in Mexico, we at pitico® strive to bring your wishes for the mohawk hat to life and are always keen to implement new design ideas. Accommodating your wishes whilst providing work for our craftsmen is the name of the game and we wish to provide everyone with their ideal bobble hat. We guarantee the highest quality craftsmanship, extremely warm hats which are itch-free and insulated with an inner lining, ideal for those cold winters.

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