Pitico Fair Trade Shirt - Ladies - Grey/Blue - Wallpaper

Art.No.: SF00003

- Fair trade
- Handmade by professional shoemakers
- High quality leather, treated in artisan way 


Dear Pitico Customer,

We wish to inform you that the leather we used was worked in an artisan way and is the result of an attentive selection.

For this reason, its imperfections, any eventual creases, colour shades, irregularities or non uniformity in the material and the colour are to be considered features of quality and authenticity and not defects. Exactly like its natural being used in the time may change its colour and look.

The leather pieces are treated with special manual manual finishing types making this product exclusive and unique. To keep those features unchanged we advise you to use only high quality polishing products. We recommend you to avoid exposing them to heat or light sources (also sunlight) that might change the product look or its colour shade.

In the end, we recommend you to pay attention to the product so avoiding pushes or impacts with other objects and water (also rain) that might damage it or cause loss of point.

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