Looking beyond our immediate scope and realistically observing the textile industry on a global basis results in two quick conclusions:

1. There are many extremely talented and skilled small manufacturers of beautiful high quality products.

2. The conditions for these end products to be fabricated in these poor countries are unjust to the workers in large and small businesses and to their families. The “throw away” mentality of the west is not compatible and should not be acceptable with the social structures in the producing countries. We see this as our call to action.


Our Shirts: Real Recycling

Our journey lead us to Tamil Nadu, India. Many great names in the textile design industry produce there. This is a well-known fact but did you know that 10% of the high quality Fabric is not used and is simply thrown away. Pitico buys these Textiles in the town of Tirupur. Our Shirt Designs find their way to fabrication with these high quality materials in Tamil Nadu’s many diverse small shops which are affected by the textile crisis. We necessarily avoid using chemicals and all our shirts are cleansed in an environmentally friendly way.


Our Flip Flops: Handmade Favorite Footwear

The brothers Ganesh and Suresh live In the town of Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu, India). They are trained shoemakers and highly-skilled professionals! They offer flip flops “à la carte” at their small shop.


Our Wooly Hats: One Village, One Project

Next Stop: A small mountain village close to Mexico City. Main source of income: wooly hats. Vincent, one of the locals, had a business idea a few years ago that he has implemented in a very smart but simple way. Many sheep live in the mountains surrounding the village. Their wool gets shaved, washed in a river then treated with natural colors and dried in the sun. The next step is to weave the wool into yarn from which new extravagant unique pieces are made consistently. To ensure a comfy cuddly feel, all that’s missing is a warming fleece lining which is also naturally produced locally. Vincent employs other villagers so that his project is a profit to the entire community. Our opinion: As good as it get’s!

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